July 17, 2015

6 Surprising Everyday Uses For Essential Oils


Did you know that essential oils have many more uses than just smelling nice? While scent remains the most well-known use for essential oils, there are tons of other ways to utilize these naturally-extracted plant essences to make your life and health better than ever.

From helping to maintain healthy sleep patterns to adding another layer of sensation to carrier oils, here are some of the surprising uses of essential oils.

1. It’s All In Your Head

When you’ve had a day filled with meetings, your car wouldn’t start, you forgot your wallet at home (and didn’t realize it until you had a cart full of groceries) and the kids won’t stop screaming, it’s time to add 1-2 drops of Focus Essential Oil to your temples, the back of your neck, and the palms of your hands. The unique oil benefits of this Signature Blend are specifically paired together for just such a stressful state of mind.

If you prefer a simpler and more concentrated scent, Lavender will be your best option.

2. After Gym Secret

Using essential oils after wrapping up a yoga class or gym session is a little-known secret that essential oil users swear by. You can make your own after-workout spray for your yoga mat, to use in your gym bag, in your sneakers, or anywhere else you can think of! We recommend Tea Tree or Eucalyptus for best results.

3. Facelift Alternative

DeStress’s soothing floral scents combined with the stimulating citrus blends makes it a fantastic option for your skin. After washing your face, and before applying a toner, add 2-4 drops of essential oil to a cotton ball and rub over problem areas to potentially reduce the appearance of pores and give your face a fresh start. Peppermint Essential Oil also provides a face-tingling sensation that’s sure to perk you up!

4. Irritation No More

Whether you’re dealing with minor cuts, scrapes, or bug bites, Rejuvenate Essential Oil is our recommended blend to use in addition to your choice of antiseptic and anti-fungal treatments. Simply dilute Rejuvenate in a carrier oil of your choice and apply to affected areas.

5. Staying Calm

Let’s face it — we all deal with stress and tension on a daily basis. Remaining in a heightened “fight or flight” state has been shown to increase our stress levels dramatically, which can cause major problems both short- and long-term.

The next time you feel your emotions slip out of your control, place a drop of Sleep or Focus Essential Oil into the palm of your hands, rub together, and inhale.

6. Healthy Head Of Hair

Adding 2-3 drops of Energy Essential Oil to your daily or every-other day shampoo regimen is a great way to glean the benefits of essential oils directly into your hair follicles. Plus, essential oils work just as well with drugstore shampoos as they do in salon varieties.

Speaking of expensive shampoos, if you want to get fancy with some essential oil blending without the “fancy” price tag, you can make your own blends to meet your individual body’s needs. Try including a few drops of Lemon or Motivation Essential Oils and mixing together in your shampoo.

These are just a few suggestions on how to implement essential oils into your daily health and wellness routine, and there are plenty more! Stay tuned for even more tips and tricks to help you enjoy life to the fullest using Miracle Essential Oils.

Maddy Oliver

Maddy loves holistic living and is an avid yogi with a passion for traveling and discovering new cultures. When she’s not traveling, she loves trying new healthy recipes with her husband at their home in Kauai, HI.