August 19, 2015

Fight The Summer Burn With Essential Oils


It’s become common practice for a lot of us to spend too much time in the sun over the summer. From Fourth of July out on the lake to our summer vacation on the beach, sometimes it’s hard to avoid!

Sunburn becomes inevitable for a lot of people, especially those of us with fair skin who can’t seem to apply enough sunscreen. Applying aloe often leaves your skin feeling sticky, and it doesn’t seem to remedy the sunburn quickly enough. However there are some amazing (and natural!) additions to your sun-combatting routine. 

The beneficial properties of Miracle Essential Oils are fantastic to add to your sunscreen or aloe vera gel for a light, comforting experience for your skin. Using sunburn repair ointment can substantially cut down on healing time when compared to not doing anything to treat a sunburn, and if you treat your sunburn quickly and effectively, you also decrease the likelihood of long-term skin damage.

What To Do:

The process of utilizing essential oils is simple. You may have heard of people diffusing them throughout their home, but you can also apply therapeutic grade oils topically. To treat sunburn, you need only three drops of essential oil per affected area. Try using lavender, peppermint, or tea tree oil, or combine the three with your sunburn relief ointment of choice. Mix together over the burn, and repeat the process as needed to fully cover the blistering, red, or itchy area.

Why Miracle Essential Oils Work:

Therapeutic grade oils are the key to seeing results from topical use of essential oils. Your body identifies these naturally-occurring oils as something safe and familiar, and is ready to absorb them. It responds naturally to nature, integrating the remarkable benefits.

  • Tea tree oil can help to re-hydrate your skin and thoroughly soothe your burn when mixed with a high-quality skin soothing gel or lotion.
  • Lavender oil can promote the appearance of healthy skin and may decrease the likelihood of scars, long-term damage, and long-lasting pain from sunburn.
  • Peppermint oil may help to soothe sore muscles with its cooling properties. When diffused, its unique and uplifting scent may also help to remove some stress from the room!

Note: all potential benefits are from oral use when taken as a dietary supplement.

Let Essential Oils Help You All Summer:

The beneficial properties of all-natural, high-quality, therapeutic grade essential oils are numerous. They can help you get through all kinds of situations in the summertime. In the hot weather, you can make a mist of lavender oil, peppermint oil, vinegar and water to cool you down.

You might also find yourself experiencing headaches or feeling fatigue due to dehydration. Not surprisingly, the best way to combat this is by drinking water. If you have a hard time motivating yourself to drink water, try adding essential oils! This is a way of making your water tastier—without additional chemicals or artificial ingredients. You can also add pep to your step in the summertime by diffusing citrus-based essential oils, which have rejuvenating, energizing properties as part of a healthy dietary supplement routine.

Summertime can be hard on your body, between sunbathing, swimming in chlorine-filled pools, and traveling on airplanes. Help your body catch a break by minimizing common summertime stresses with essential oils. Your body and mind will thank you.

Jill Pohl

Jill loves writing, but is also passionate about eating healthy and staying active—mostly to make up for her love of doughnuts and binge watching Orange is the New Black on Netflix.