December 11, 2015

Should Children Use Essential Oils (And If So, How)?

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Essential oils can be a great ally against many of the challenges our bodies and minds face, and our children shouldn’t be excluded from the natural benefits that essential oils afford us.

However, introducing essential oils to young ones should be done with caution and with a doctor’s go-ahead, as the immune systems of children still have a long way to go developmentally.

With that in mind, here are some risks involved, some precautions to take, and some essential oils safe and helpful for children.

Safety Risks and Safe Use

Keep in mind that essential oils are essentially incredibly concentrated forms of plants. Some estimate that one drop of an essential oil equates to as many as 20 – 40 cups of tea. That should give you an idea of how powerful this stuff can be.

Dr. Erika Krunbeck, ND offers several cautionary measures to be taken when using essential oils with children. Namely, never give your children essential oils internally (i.e. orally), and when applying essential oils to the skin, make sure to dilute it with a base oil (coconut oil, olive oil, almond oil, etc.) to the tune of 1-2 drops for every 3 teaspoons of base oil. This should be done just before applying to the skin, and when you do so, keep the oil far away from the child’s mouth or nose. The feet or legs are good spots to focus on.

Finally, don’t diffuse essential oils if you have a child that suffers from asthma, although this really applies to adults with asthma as well. If you would like to introduce a child with a respiratory illness to essential oils, do so with great caution and only after consulting a physician beforehand.

Essential Oil Recommendations for Children

Now that we have an idea of how and how not to use these potent potions, let’s talk about a few specific essential oils good for children. Here are our five favorites.

  • Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil can serve a variety of topical purposes. It’s commonly used on cuts, rashes, sunburns and much more. However, tea tree oil is not recommended for internal use by children. Be sure to keep clear from the face and mouth.

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  • St. John’s Wort

Although St. John’s is better known for its mood diffusing properties, it’s also commonly used during ear infections, which most often occur in children.

  • Citrus Oils

Citrus oils can be derived from a few different fruits, although the most commonly seen come from oranges, grapefruits, mandarins and tangerines. These are great for diffusing when kids get too overexcited.

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  • Eucalyptus Oil

If your child suffers from a respiratory disorder, consider adding a few drops of eucalyptus oil to your diffuser. This potent oil is often used when people of all ages fall ill, and is a great addition to a natural cleaner.

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  • Cedarwood Oil

For the kids, cedarwood oil can be great around bed time to create a mellow, calming cloud of aroma by diffusing this wonderful oil. And for the adults, Cedarwood is a great addition to your homemade or store-bough toners and moisturizers. 

Remember—especially around your children—always be sure to give the power of essential oils the respect they deserve. Just don’t let precaution dissuade you from appreciating their amazing natural benefits too!

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