December 16, 2015

Feel Festive With These DIY Essential Oil Bath Salt Ornaments

The holidays are a hectic time—you have to hang lights, visit your family, cook a few good dishes and buy everyone presents on top of it all. With a to-do list that long, it’s hard not to get stressed out.

If you’re looking to unwind and hand craft a creative, unexpected gift, consider making a bath salt ornament. There are few things more relaxing than a nice, long hot bath, except when that bath has some bath salts in it to help make it fragrant. And that’s why we love this idea so much!

It’s time to destress and make some great presents. Let’s get started.


Each one of this ornaments will be unique and fun to make. Plus, you can customize these for every person on your wish list. If you know a stressed-out mom, maybe consider making her one that’s scented with lavender to help create the calm atmosphere she sorely needs.

Grapefruit essential oil is also a great revitalizing smell that may act as a mood booster—which is probably what you’ll need most during these pre-holiday weeks. If you know a long-distance runner who could use some more pep in his or her step, try mixing it with Peppermint. You could even use that scent in a gifted ornament since it’s a perfect holiday aroma.

Best of all, making these is as easy as the first slice of pumpkin pie. Once you’ve gotten the hang of it, your entire house will turn into a bath salt ornament factory (and will smell great too!)

Here are the directions you’ll need to make this great gift:



  • Plastic ornament balls
  • Epsom Salt
  • Your favorite Miracle Essential Oils
  • Dried flowers or herbs (optional)
  • Food coloring (optional)



  1. Mix Epsom salt, a few drops of your favorite oil (or oils) and the food coloring in a small bowl until evenly divided.
  2. Carefully pour into the plastic ornament ball until half full.
  3. Add the dried flowers/herbs
  4. Decorate with a festive string and hang in your tree for a lovely scent, use as table decorations or give as a early gift to friends or family. You also could consider just putting one in a gift bag as a nice gift too.

For the most high quality essential oils that will last a long time and smell great from Day 1, Miracle Essential Oils provides a variety of blended oils that are intended to potentially help boost immunity, provide opportunities to de-stress and maybe help you focus. And did we mention that they all smell wonderful?

Pure single oils like lavender, lemongrass, peppermint or tea tree also work well as potent scents in these wonderfully crafty ornaments as well. Here’s to the holidays and festive gifts like bath salt ornaments!

Teresa Traverse

Teresa is a writer, editor and traveler. When she’s not busy scouting out her next perfect meal or traveling, you’ll find her reading, exercising or playing with her two long-haired Chihuahuas. View more of Teresa's work on her site here.