December 25, 2015

An Exclusive Christmas Day Scent From Miracle Essential Oils

Make your Christmas merry and bright with exclusive Miracle Essential Oils‘ custom scents, perfect for diffusing as you open gifts or sit down for a holiday meal.

It’s Christmas morning.

You’ve opened up your presents. Hot chocolate or cider is bubbling away on the stove. The lights on the tree are twinkling. If you’re lucky, snow is falling softly outside the window. You’re probably curled up on the couch still in your PJs, admiring your new gifts. It’s a sweet scene.

Pretty soon, you’ll be preparing for dinner and playing games before you wrap up this once-a-year day. And if you want to sweeten the perfect scene even more, consider diffusing some essential oils into the air. These festive blends will help brighten this special day, and these essential oil recipes will get you in the spirit. Merry Christmas!

A Peppermint Blend

For a festive and relaxing blend, add two drops of Rejuvenate, one drop Exhale, three drops Peppermint and one drop Eucalyptus into your Miracle Ultrasonic Diffuser. The Peppermint single oil will make your home feel like a holiday getaway, and the other oils will help to balance this sweet aroma. 

Tummy Tamer

If the turkey, ham and mashed potatoes are sitting heavy in your stomach, mix two drops Digest, one drop DeStress and one drop Bliss in your diffuser, because let’s face it — you’ll want to feel all of those feelings after Christmas dinner. Bliss is what you feel after you think about all your gifts. DeStress is what you’ll want after thinking about how you have to return to work in a few days. And Digest is for… well, you know.

Keep Yourself Alert

As much as you want to relax on Christmas, if you’ll be cooking, you (probably) should focus on that. After your Christmas morning haze, you’ll need these oils to help perk you up. If you mix up one drop Lemon, one drop Grapefruit and two drops of Focus, and put them in the diffuser, you just might end up making a killer pumpkin pie.

Lull Yourself to Sleep

After a long Christmas day, you’ll want to ease yourself into a deep sleep, and your Miracle Ultrasonic Diffuser is just the right tool for the job. Try three drops of Sleep and two drops Lavender. This aromatic cloud will help set a scene of complete tranquility for a long winter’s night.

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Teresa Traverse

Teresa is a writer, editor and traveler. When she’s not busy scouting out her next perfect meal or traveling, you’ll find her reading, exercising or playing with her two long-haired Chihuahuas. View more of Teresa's work on her site here.