January 1, 2016

Getting Motivated in the New Year


New Year’s Day brings hope of ambitious new goals for self improvement. All our resolutions will be unique to each of us, but that doesn’t mean we’re in it alone. Essential oils can be a great ally in striving toward a variety of resolutions.

Whether it’s living healthier, relaxing more or waking up earlier, there are a variety of essential oils to keep near in the new year.

Living Healthier


The new year often goes hand in hand with new gym memberships, as slimming down and living healthy regularly tops new year’s resolution lists. Luckily, there are several singles and blends that can give us a boost as we fight for healthy living in the new year.

Grapefruit Oil: With high concentrations like D-limonene (which supports metabolism and cleansing lymphatic glands), grapefruit single oil can be a great aid to getting in shape by applying it topically to the skin or diffusing it at work or while relaxing at home.

Immunity Signature Blend: A few drops of this deliciously scented oil can help with a lot more than simply what its name suggests. When used as a dietary supplement, Immunity has the potential to promote overall wellness and optimize healthy vitamin and mineral absorption. Try diffusing Immunity in between meals or before bedtime. Topical uses include applying it to your wrists, bottom of feet, neck, temples or ears when on the go.

Relax more


It’s easy to feel buried under the daily stresses that come with work and our personal lives, but a new year provides us the opportunity to step back and take control of our stress. If living a more relaxed, happy lifestyle is your goal in the new year, essential oils can offer ample aid.

Rejuvenate Signature Blend: Applying Rejuvenate may help to mellow you out after a long day by releasing melatonin, and relax by stimulating the brain’s limbic system and pineal gland — thanks to Rejuvenate’s cedarwood oil. Apply it topically to the stem of the brain (where the neck meets the head) to get the strongest effect.

Eucalyptus Oil: Eucalyptus oil is one of the most incredibly unique substances on earth. Not only does it promote a healthy inflammatory response when used as a dietary supplement, it may even help to elevate your mood when you need it most. Breathe it in aromatically as you take a few deep breaths after the office, or apply it topically when feeling overwhelmed. 

Wake up earlier


There are countless benefits to waking up early—better sleep, more energy, lower stress—but damn that tempting snooze button! Most of us run to a caffeine-laden cup of coffee or tea the moment we rub the sleep out of our eyes, but here essential oils can also offer assistance as an alternative perk-up option.

Peppermint Oil: With its strong, sharpening aroma, Peppermint gives a nice boost no matter the time of day. Apply directly to the skin, or for a quicker jolt to the system, breathe deeply straight from the bottle.

Citrus (Orange) Oil: Citrus fruits are often associated with energy and vitality, and for good reason. The aroma can make us more centered and productive, along with providing a mood boost early in the day. Citrus comes in a variety of oils: orange, grapefruit, lemon and more, so choose your oil and add a few drops to your bedside cup of water to drink down first thing in the morning.

Whatever your goal for the new year, these essential oils can provide the clarity, energy and temperament to stay motivated and on track throughout the year!

Hutton Marshall

Hutton Marshall is a freelance writer and photographer currently based in San Jose, Costa Rica. Contact him at jhuttonmarshall@gmail.com.