January 6, 2016

Keep The Nasty Out Of Namaste: Making Your Own Yoga Mat Cleanser

23421692621_120f58945a_oYoga is amazingly therapeutic and can do wonders for the body. Making time for your zen is not only relaxing, but can also be a great alternative to more high-intensity exercise throughout the week.

Regardless of what type of yoga practice you incorporate into your daily routine, you’re bound to lose yourself in the calming wonder.

When you start sweating during practice—especially in a bikram (or “hot”) yoga class—it is imperative that you focus on a clean environment. The first step is purchasing your own yoga mat as opposed to using the mats at the studio. Next, making sure that your yoga mat is cleaned on a regular basis should be a priority.

In order to keep your immunity up throughout the year, and especially during the colder months, it is crucial to maintain good hygienic practices. Staying clean and eating nutritiously are key components of boosting your immunity, but your environment can make or break you when it comes to immunity.

Your sweaty gym clothes and yoga mat are likely dirty and filled with germs. In order to avoid getting sick, carrying a portable disinfectant spray in your gym bag can seriously make a difference in keeping clean.

Try making your own DIY Yoga Mat Spray (instructions below) for your own natural yoga mat spray. Immunity Miracle Essential Oil is a key component of this cleaner that can potentially help boost immunity, promote overall wellness, maintain healthy vitamin and mineral absorption, and improve bodily functions.

Lavender Miracle Essential Oil is another oil featured in this spray that has amazing aromatic effects to help you achieve healthy emotional balance during practice.

This cleaner isn’t just limited to use on your yoga mat; spray this mixture on your gym shoes or in your gym bag for a natural effect.

DIY Yoga Mat Spray

What You’ll Need:

What To Do:

  1. Clean your spray bottle, and fill it ¾ of the way with distilled water.
  2. Next, pour the witch hazel to almost fill the rest of the bottle. Leave some room to then add two drops of Immunity Miracle Essential Oil and one drop of Lavender Miracle Essential Oil.
  3. Gently shake the mixture. When ready, spray the solution generously on your mat and then wipe it down with a damp cloth. Make sure to spray and wipe down both sides. Allow a few minutes for drying, and you’re all set for your next practice.

*You can certainly adjust these essential oils to your liking, but we find that the Immunity and Lavender combination works best. Lemongrass is also a wonderful alternative scent also found in many yoga classrooms. Additionally, adding more witch hazel and reducing the amount of distilled water in this mixture can lead to a more powerful natural cleaner solution.

Which oil(s) do you use in your practice? Let us know on Facebook!

Stefani Pappas

Stefani Pappas, CPT is currently a dietetic intern pursuing her career as a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist. She is a Master's in Clinical Nutrition Student at New York University. Stefani has a B.S. in Nutritional Sciences from the Pennsylvania State University, with a minor in Human Development and Family Studies. She is a contributing writer for Elite Daily, member of the Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics, NCCPT Certified Personal Trainer, and Equinox Fitness Instructor. Stefani is dedicated to leading a healthy and active lifestyle, and inspiring others to do the same. Follow her on Twitter & Instagram @stefhealthtips for more nutrition and fitness tips!