January 15, 2016

Combine Massage and Essential Oils for Maximum Enjoyment

MassageOne of my favorite ways to relax is by getting a massage—what a treat! While a massage alone can be wonderful, adding essential oils to the massage can take it to the next level. Massages have many benefits, including reducing stress, lessening pain and relieving muscle tension. They also have the potential to calm anxiety and soothe digestive disorders.

Essential oils can provide many of the same sensations, depending on which one you select to enhance your massage. Combining essential oils with the powerful effects of massage can give you an extra boost both topically and aromatically as the oils absorb into your skin and as you breathe them in.

The best way to use essential oils for massage is by combining them with a carrier oil like coconut oil or jojoba oil. Essential oils are potent, so you only need a small amount combined with a carrier oil to receive the benefits. When applied topically as part of a massage regiment performed by a professional, essential oils can aid in relaxing and rejuvenating muscles, tissues and joints and can address areas like cuts or rashes.

Here are some of the best options for which essential oils to use when you want to receive topical benefits during massage: DeStress, which can help to relax muscles during a Swedish or sports massage; Grapefruit, which may help to purify and cleanse the skin during a facial or gentle massage; Lavender, which may help to ease muscle tension and stress during a traditional massage; Peppermint, which may help soothe sore muscles and provide a refreshing scent during a sports massage; and Sleep, which may help to soothe muscle tension in a deep relaxation massage.


Essential oils also have powerful effects when inhaled, so you receive the aromatic benefits of the oils during massage too. When used aromatically, essential oils can open airways, improve respiratory health and have a supportive effect on moods. Their use can promote well-being in a multitude of ways.

To get the full aromatic benefits of essential oils, you want to select the right ones for your desired outcomes. Here are a few suggestions of which essential oils to use when you want to get the aromatic benefits during massage: Bliss, which may elevate mood and promote balanced emotions during a 90-minute or longer massage; Eucalyptus, which can help to elevate mood and improve focus during a traditional massage; Exhale, which can promote respiratory health and encourage a sense of calm during a hot stone massage; Lemon, which can help to promote an elevated mood during a Shiatsu treatment; and Rejuvenate, which can help promote healthy emotional balance during a Thai massage.

The benefits of massage and essential oils are many, and they are even more powerful when combined. So the next time you’re getting a massage—or during a home massage with a partner—be sure to add essential oils to enhance your experience.

P.S. If you’re ready to kick your massage routine up a notch, try reflexology using our guide!

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Elyse Andrews

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