January 22, 2016

Reflexology for your Heart

Reflexology is a strange and mysteriously effective practice. Carefully applying pressure to certain areas of the hands and feet is said to unlock hidden health benefits all over the body, from the spine to the head, and even in internal organs such as the heart.

Here, pure essential oils can help too, as they facilitate optimal reflexology techniques and add in their own benefits that accentuate the gains of reflexology.

Reflexology using Essential Oils

In this regard, the heart seems like a perfect target for the intersection of reflexology and essential oils, as reflexology has been shown scientifically to improve cardiac efficiency. Essential oils such as citrus and vetiver can vitalize the heart as well. Plus, certain pure essential oils—namely camomile and lavender—can transport us to a more tranquil state as part of a relaxing reflexology routine, which is certainly an ally to a healthy heart.

Basic Reflexology Techniques for your Heart

Reflexology is a complex and mysterious practice, so if you’re just beginning to explore it, you’ll likely need to do more reading than this, but here is a basic rundown of reflexology aimed at benefiting your heart.

In reflexology, the balls of your feet correspond most strongly with your heart, so that’s where your gentle pressure massage will be focused. For this sort of exercise, seeing the technique is more illuminating for most than reading a description. Here, Annie Brashier of ExpertVillage offers an excellent demonstration of heart reflexology techniques.

Complementing the Practice with Pure Essential Oils

Essential oils are a common tool used with reflexology. The texture of the oils facilitates good manipulation of the joints, but more importantly, pure essential oils (when chosen deliberately) complement the practice in a unique and powerful way.

Where heart wellness is concerned, there are a number of pure essential oils that can address our most critical organ. Here are a few essential oils especially useful in this regard:


Stress wreaks havoc on the heart. Facilitating tranquility and relaxation through reflexology and this calming oil can be a powerful combination.

Citrus Oils

Similarly, those with racing hearts and minds may find prefer to use citrus-based oils, such as those containing orange or lemon oil. These may help to maintain good blood flow throughout the body and revitalize the senses with their tangy aromas.

Oils for Circulation

There are several exercises said to improve blood circulation throughout the body, which is a perfect complement for reflexology techniques aimed at heart strength. Try Signature Blends to find the right oil to pair with your blood circulation routine.

Reflexology using Essential Oils

Final Thoughts

Reflexology, like essential oils and aromatherapy, is a wonderful ally in achieving well-rounded, holistic health. Luckily, with key organs such as the heart, reflexology can pair powerfully with pure essential oils for great effects. Just remember to research carefully, practice diligently, and continue to explore new health solutions, and the myriad of ways that essential oils can work within our bodies will continue to reveal themselves.

Discover more ways about how essential oils can help magnify your potential through reflexology for your spine and back as well as your heart.

Hutton Marshall

Hutton Marshall is a freelance writer and photographer currently based in San Jose, Costa Rica. Contact him at jhuttonmarshall@gmail.com.