January 29, 2016

Why My Ayurvedic Energy Practitioner Suggested Essential Oils

A few months ago, I had a bad case of the winter blues.

The cold weather and lack of sunshine completed drained my energy, mind, and spirit. My normal routine of yoga and whole foods cooking wasn’t bringing me back to life either. Somehow, I felt like something deeper was blocking me from inner peace and bliss.

Around this time, I began researching energy and traditional healers.

Pure essential oils

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One day, a friend posted that she’d started an Ayurvedic consultation and massage practice after studying Ayurveda for three years in India. Ayurveda is one of the oldest traditions on the planet with 5,000 years of history in South Asia.

It seemed like a sign from the universe. I sent her a message to book a 90 minute session.

Although I’m no guru, I do embrace my spiritual side through yoga, meditation, art therapy, and being in nature with people I love.

After going to yoga for over a decade, I believe in our energetic body and aligning our mind, body, and spirits through our routines and rituals.

All this to say, I’m not about to board a plane to India to meditate for two years, but I was deeply curious about energy healing like Reiki and Ayurveda.

For those of you who are curious about trying out an Ayurvedic energy practitioner like I was, this is what it’s really like:

Initial Consultation

I met with the Ayurvedic practitioner in her massage room. The session began with an in-depth discussion of my mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health.

At that time, I had some problems with binge eating unhealthy foods in the colder months and being too “up-in-my-own-head.”

She took my pulse to find out my dosha.

From what I understood, the doshas are a system in Ayurveda that describe people’s personalities as well as their bodily functions.  My imbalance was with the vatta dosha which is most prevalent in the later third of our life.

If this dosha is out of alignment, like mine was, it can make us feel like our energy is displaced. Now that she knew what was wrong with me, it was time to get my massage.

Massage with Essential Oils

After the initial consultation, she began the Ayurveda ritual massage.

I learned that oil is an essential part of Ayurveda because the word sneha in Sanskrit translates to both love/ affection and oil.

For my particular imbalance, she had me smell orange essential oil throughout the massage.

I began to feel calmer and more at home in my body as she placed essential oils on the sacred points of my body.

In Ayurveda, you can push or massage these sacred points: crown of the head, third eye, under midpoint of cheekbones, midpoint of anterior side wrist, heart of palm and heart of foot and heart center.

Essential oils are a key component of Ayurvedic rituals, so it might be worth seeing where your particular imbalance lies.

In Ayurveda, each pressure point is associated with an emotion such as tranquility of mind or a physical ailment like sinus headaches.

At the end of my massage, I felt deeply at home in my body and completely relaxed. I was looking forward to continuing my Ayurveda practice myself.

What I Did After and Follow-Up Suggestions

About a week after my initial consultation, my Ayurvedic practitioner sent me five-pages of recommendations. I was so excited to start my home Ayurveda practice.

She recommended I practice self-love mantras and self-massage with sesame oil and essential oils. Here are the essential oils my Ayurvedic practioner recommended for the imbalance in my vatta dosha:

I also visited a local tea house and noticed they had tea specifically for the Ayurveda doshas. I bought some of the vatta tea and drink it at work when I feel stressed out. Once or twice a night, I make sure to diffuse orange essential oil and give myself a massage with sesame oil with a couple of drops of an essential oil blend that contains some of her recommended oils. It’s like having a little at home spa day every evening. I love it.

With the help of my Ayurveda healer, I feel so much more calm and blissful. Winter can’t get me down now!

Kassy Lee

Kassy Lee is a writer and world traveler with a passion for wellness. She loves empowering people to live their most vibrant lives.