March 2, 2016

A Simple Guide to Safely Using Essential Oils Aromatically

I’ve been using a diffuser for years, and I love it. I know that I feel more relaxed in the evenings when I use lavender single oil, and I use peppermint single oil in the morning to help energize me.

I could feel the positive effects, so I never thought twice about the science behind it.

A couple week ago, I wrote about how to safely use essential oils topically. After I wrote that article, I began to wonder what the benefits were of using my diffuser in the morning and as I go to sleep.

So I decided to use my research powers to look up diffusing and other uses of aromatic uses of essential oils. Here’s what I found:

Miracle Essential Oils diffuser

The Powerful Sense of Smell

Our sense of smell is one of our most powerful senses.

It’s easy to remember the scent of something like pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving day and instantly be flooded with memories.

Powerful scents can trigger memories far back into our childhoods, which makes smell a powerful tool to use for our self-care and healing.

Our sense of smell triggers a part of our brain that is more primal and linked to our emotions and memories.

People have recognized the power of smell for thousands of years, and this is why perfumes and colognes have been popular for ages.

Smells trigger all kinds of feelings and associations for our brains that go beyond simple words. When you use essential oils aromatically, you automatically trigger sensations in your brain.

Depending on whether you want to focus, rest, gain energy, or destress, scent is one of the most powerful tools to get you there.

Self-Care with a Diffuser

As you may know, essential oils are highly concentrated and powerful. One drop of lemon single oil, contains over fifty lemons worth of scent. Because our sense of smell is so powerful and essential oils are so strong, we commonly use a diffuser to help mellow out the scent.

The diffuser mixes the scent of the essential oils with purifying water that allows the scent to give the subtle effects of its fragrance without overwhelming your olfactory system.

I turn on my diffuser about thirty minutes before I go to bed, and I allow the calming scent of lavender to subtly spread throughout the room.

Steam Inhalation

If you don’t have a diffuser yet, make sure to get one. Until it arrives, you can try the more DIY method of steam inhalation.

Like using a diffuser, steam inhalation protects your system from the potentially overwhelming effect of the strong fragrance. The heat also serves to relax tension in your face and neck muscles. Steam is also known to clear out your sinuses, making it easier to breathe deeply and relax.

Add three drops of your favorite essential oil to a bowl of steaming water and cover your head with a large towel. Close your eyes and put your face above the water and inhale deeply.


Aromatherapy massage is one of the best and oldest ways to enjoy essential oils aromatically.

The combination of healing touch and strong aromas double the therapeutic effects. Massage relaxes muscles, improves circulation, soothes physical tension, and relieves mental stress.
 Plus your skin will get the added bonus of topical application while your nose will begin the therapeutic journey of stimulating your inner brain towards relaxation.

Make sure you review how to safely use essential oils topically before your massage.

Diffusing essential oils in water or using a carrier oil before an aromatherapy massage are great ways to remain safe while still enjoying the benefits.

Your sense of smell is a magnificent trigger for your body’s ability to heal, calm, and restore itself. Essential oils can make a great companion on the journey to natural wellness, inside and out.

Now that you’re more informed, you can confidently use essential oils aromatically for yourself and your whole family!

Kassy Lee

Kassy Lee is a writer and world traveler with a passion for wellness. She loves empowering people to live their most vibrant lives.