March 11, 2016

The Best Essential Oils For Men

Essential oils are manly.

Maybe not in the same way that football and deer hunting are manly, but using nature to strengthen our mind and body is something all the Jack Londons of the world can relate to.

Essential Oils for Men

Many think that essential oils are, essentially, natural health products for women, but this is just plain wrong. The wide benefits of essential oils work just as well for men, and better yet, there are plenty of creative applications for essential oils that serve men uniquely.

Here are four great ways men can start using essential oils to better their body and mind.

Beard Oil


There is perhaps no cosmetic product more manly than beard oil. However, many bearded men often throw away far more money than necessary for an artfully packaged bottle of beard oil from an overpriced store. Instead, men can make their own beard oil for significantly less money using their own custom blend of beard oil using Miracle Essential Oils.

Better yet, since you’re controlling exactly what goes in your beard oil, you can ensure it’s comprised solely of natural ingredients. Check out this article for a guide to using essential oils to create your own beard oil.

Face Wash


Chances are, you’re using some sort of face wash already, whether it’s just a bar of soap or another product. With essential oils, you can upgrade from that bar of soap without having to buy a pricey face wash. Don’t worry about smelling flowery either–there are a huge range of essential oils good for face washes.


man-909049_1920Although sleep is obviously not reserved exclusively for males, proper sleep is essential for any man to prosper in life. And here, essential oils can act as a natural way to ease tension from the challenges of the day before bed. Lavender oil is a classic choice for troubled sleep, or check out Sleep, an MEO Signature Blend designed to better sleep.  

Gym Bag Odor

bodybuilder-646482_1920The odor that festers in our gym bags or workout equipment is often a source of tension among ourselves and our significant others or roommates. Washing out a gym bag on a regular basis can be a hassle, but air fresheners often don’t seem to pack a powerful enough punch to make a difference against gym stank.

Essential oils, on the other hand, can make gym bags seem newly cleaned without the effort, and with their dense chemical makeup, essential oils can dessimate any odors your sweat might be creating. Melaleuca and lavender oil are great options here.

Final Thoughts

Don’t let the fact that most of essential oils’ biggest fans are women dissuade you from seeing their fantastic benefits essential oils can have on our lives. Be creative with essential oils, use them frequently and relish in their natural benefits; you’ll be quickly surprised by the results.

Need more ideas on how to use essential oils in unexpected ways? We’ve got an article about that!

Hutton Marshall

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