March 14, 2016

How To Make Chores Easier, Faster and More Effective With Essential Oils

We all have those days where we wish to have more than two hands.

In fact, there are certainly times when it seems like being an octopus is the only way to finish all of the tasks at hand in a timely manner. While I have yet to discover the secret to growing extra limbs, I have come up with a very interesting way to make chores faster, easier and more effective.

So what’s my secret? I use essential oils.

Here’s what I use them for.


essential oils and laundry

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Laundry, while not an excessively tiring task, definitely seems never ending. On the bright side, it’s one of those chores that basically does itself, leaving you plenty of time to focus on other things.

In order to save time, I find it easiest to bundle trash and laundry together. This works well if your washer and dryer are located on the lower level close to the front door. First, I take the trash outside, leaving my laundry bag at the door close the basement. Once my trash is in the outside bin, I carry my dirty clothes to the cellar and sprinkle my first load with my favorite essential oil.

Adding a few drops to the cycle helps me to eliminate stains and odors and keep my wardrobe fresh. While these steps might seem simple enough, putting them all together definitely saves time and energy.

So far I’ve started out by doing two chores at once and by using essential oils in my wash I’ve eliminated the need to scrub stains and/or apply harsh, odor removing chemicals.

Next on the list…

Finish The Trash

MEO Trash

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Now that the trash has been taken out, I simply add a new bag, sprinkle it with essential oil and spruce up inside of the trashcan. In order to further cover up odors produced by a dirty trashcan, it is entirely possible to make your own diffuser featuring your favorite essential oil and place it on the counter near the trash.

The best possible essential oil to use as a household diffuser is tea tree oil due to its antibacterial and antifungal properties.

Now that you have efficiently eliminated stains and odors on your clothing and in your home simply by sprinkling a few drops of essential oil as you go, it’s time to move on to the dishes.



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While this can be done at your discretion, I personally find that it saves time if you do the dishes right before cooking a meal. This is because you can simply set the table with them when you’re done rather than putting them all away. In effect, by doing it this way, you skip a step and save yourself a great deal of time and aggravation.

Another time-saving trick I often use is to leave the table set throughout most of the day therefore, eliminating the need to bring the dishes I use most in and out of the cabinets all day long.

With time-saving features in mind, I also add citrus essential oil to my dishwater and let its stain fighting components do my dirty work. After a good soak in citrus essential oil, all they really need is a light wash.

Finally, Cooking


Thanks to a preset table and an aromatic environment, cooking is a breeze. I like to cook all of my food with lemongrass essential oil. It keeps my pots and pans from sticking, fills the air with a sweet aroma , adds a subtle boost  of flavor, fights against bacteria, and most importantly, lemongrass essential oil aids me and my family in maintaining amazing digestive health.

Now, with trash out, laundry underway, dishes sparkling and dinner on the table, I can officially tip my hat to the stain fighting, odor eliminating, and organic power of essential oils. The aforementioned are just a few of the ways in which they help to simplify housework and free up extra time, all the while making everything within your path fresher, cleaner and easier to work with.

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